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HydraClear Facial

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HydraClear Facial

The HydraClear Facial combines 3 functions for a non-invasive treatment used to cleanse pores, exfoliate the skin and remove excess sebum and dead skin cells.

It effectively treats all skin types including sensitive, clogged and oily skin.

Expect visible instant results without any discomfort and downtime! 

More than just a facial (1).png

Clinical Photos*

Clinicial Indications

  • Non-invasive

  • Visible results in 1 session 

  • Safe and controlled cooling

  • No down-time

  • Comfortable

More than just a facial.png

The combination of 3 functions for complete skincare

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Using Top of Class and Latest HydraBeauty Machine from Korea

Aqua Cleansing System

  • Solution is emitted from the central aperture and spread along the solution path while in contact with the skin, dissolving impurities then exits through the waste inlet port.

  • Helps to supply nourishing properties to skin, resulting in reduced pore size and healthier skin.

Solution penetrates through Electroporation

  • Effective solution penetration for skin rejuvenation and nutrition. Using 3 types of LED light: Red, Blue & Purple

  • Helps with skin tightening, to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Peeling through Diamond Peel

  • Exfoliates dead skin and impurities by vacuum pressure which maximizes solution absorption effect resulting in much smoother skin and tone.

  • Helps with improvement and prevention of skin aging, improvement of rough skin texture, fine wrinkles treatment.

  • Q. Who should avoid the treatment?
    To add aA. Pregnant women, Patients with scars or infection on the treated area, People with keloid lesion, Patients with a mechanical heart assist device, People with sensitive skin, Patients with tumor, Patients with metal pins inside of the body, People with special conditions for operation. new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Q. How long does it take?
    A. It depends on the target area. Treatment of the abdominal area takes average 20 minutes according to the protocol of treatment. Treatment of the arms and legs can take 10~15 minutes. Facial areas should be treated within 10 minutes.
  • Q. Is it the treatment painful?
    A. You may feel warm in the treated area and a sensation of massage associated with the vacuum pressure. There is no sharp and severe pain.
  • Q. How long it take to recover after treatment?
    A. You may get temporary redness in the treated area but it will be gone within 2~3 days. Patients are expected to be able to return to normal activities without any downtime after treatment.
  • Q. How many sessions should be taken?
    A. We recommend min 3-5 sessions usually with an interval of 1 week for optimal results. The treatment effects vary depending on the individual.
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