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This product fuses the natural cleansing force of water and oil into one product. It dissolves waterproof mascara thoroughly and gently. The bi-phase formula removes even heavy make-up and dark colored lipsticks effortlessly. Soothing plant extracts prevent irritation.

Skin Type
Suitable for all types of skin

Dr Belter Make-up Remover Eyes & Lips Duo (125ml)

  • Shake bottle until both phases are completely mixed. Apply Make-up Remover Eyes & Lips Duo on damp cotton pads. Place cotton pads onto the eyes and let sit for 5 seconds. Gently swipe cotton pads along lash line and eye lids to remove eye make-up. Rinse with lukewarm water, softly pat dry and follow-up with »ocula®« eye care. Do not use when wearing contacts.

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