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The refreshing, soap-free, algae-based cleansing gel concentrate thoroughly cleanses the skin while protecting the skin's natural protective layer. The active ingredient complex with pennywort, horsetail and a moisturizing factor soothes and protects during cleansing. The mild scent of fresh oranges and ginger makes care a pleasure. Exceptionally economical: as a concentrate, it is lightly foamed with water in the hand.


Skin Type
Suitable for all skin types and all skin ages, especially sensitive skin.

Dr Belter Natural Cleansing Gel (210ml)

  • After removing the eye make-up, briefly foam up the cleansing gel in wet hands, apply evenly to the ideally damp skin and loosen dirt particles and make-up in gentle circular movements. Rinse the product completely from the skin with plenty of lukewarm water. Product can also be foamed with a brush.

  • Horsetail Bio Extract: As a medicinal plant rich in silicic acid and known for its anti-inflammatory, firming and astringent effect. As an astringent, it increases the self-protection of sensitive skin and has a pore-refining effect.

    Sodium PCA: pyrolidone carboxylic acid. Is a natural component of the skin's own NMF - Natural Moisturizing Factor. As such, it binds moisture in the hydrolipid layer of the skin.

    Pennywort Organic Extract: The Centella Asiatica plant belongs to the umbelliferae family and has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Asian medicine for over 3000 years. Also known as pennywort, gotu cola or tiger grass.

    • wound healing and antibacterial
    • beneficial for eczematic and sunburned skin
    • promotes strengthening of peripheral blood vessels and veins
    • Reduces scarring during massage use

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